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The Exchange Club is all about people: friends and neighbors working together with the goal of improving their communities for everyone. This is accomplished primarily through Youth Programs and general Community Service. Additionally, the Exchange has adopted child abuse prevention as it’s National Project.

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America’s young people are its most precious resource. This is why, for many years, Exchange Clubs and National Headquarters have sponsored an impressive selection of activities designed to benefit and encourage our nation’s youth. College scholarships, mentoring and guidance, and service recognition are among the programs administered to our nation’s youth.

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Exchange is dedicated to serving its communities. Exchange Clubs across the country spend countless hours and dollars improving their communities each year. Exchange Clubs have been responsible for community endeavors of all types such as, cleaning up highways, sponsoring cultural programs, hosting art and industrial shows, holding state and county fairs and festivals, and organizing rodeos and athletic events. Exchange Clubs have also provided millions of dollars for scholarships, gifts, equipment, sponsorships, educational assistance, and other worthy causes.

Veterans Veterans-MatterMatter

Have you ever passed a homeless person on the street and wondered if they were a veteran? Have you ever seen a homeless person holding a sign declaring he/she was a veteran? Do you know that veterans account for approximately one (1) of every four (4) homeless people living on the streets? Our veterans vowed to give their all in protection of our country and its citizens; the reality that any veteran is homeless, let alone nearly 50,000 of them, is a stain on our nation’s honor.

Exchange has partnered with the national non-profit Veterans Matter – an organization dedicated to providing deposits/first month’s rents for ready, waiting veterans who can use can use HUD-VASH vouchers to cross the threshold into safe, permanent housing. Your local-level Exchange Clubs are committed to helping Veterans Matter raise the funds needed to get at least 2,000 veterans housed, as fast as possible. At a national average of $750 for a deposit, we can do this!

logo-sized-alt-2Child Abuse Prevention

Child abuse prevention became Exchange’s National Project in 1979, at the 61st National Exchange Club Convention. To uphold its National Project, Exchange provides a variety of public awareness materials designed to help inform and increase awareness of child abuse and how it can be prevented. Such projects are implemented through Exchange Clubs and Exchange Club Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Centers across the country. Through the Exchange Parent Aide home visitation model, child abuse prevention experts work directly with at-risk families. To date, Exchange Club CAP Centers have helped more than 691,120 families break the cycle of violence, thus creating safer homes for 1,727,800 children. For additional information about the organization’s child abuse prevention efforts, please visit Exchange’s CAP website.

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